Ep 5: Making room for you again.

In the final episode we follow Shaun’s last week at sea as he processes the traumatic few days after the fire, and tries to enjoy the final journey home.

While he’s chuffed to chat with Captain Jan, the Master of the vessel, and Sharon the voyage resupply coordinator, Shaun can’t help counting the days and hours until his feet hit dry land.

“We're just coming up to the port of Fremantle, my bags are packed and I'm just super excited to be getting close to the end of our journey”.

In Darwin, Lori swaps stories with neighbour Vicki and finds out what it’s like for Tamara each time she arrives home to her family, after a stint working away.

“So I've actually talked about this with my mates because I've found that the longer that this is going on, I find it harder and harder to fit back in”, says Tamara choking up.

With butterflies in their bellies, Lori and the kids wait at the airport with their “Welcome Home” signs held high...

But it’s not all smooth sailing, and as the Uden family make room for each other once again, Lori reflects on their journey - did they find a remedy to living and loving long-distance?

Find out with Lori, Shaun, Matilda and Saxon as they share their lives, and love, with you.

Contributors to Ep 5: Vicki Allen, Tamara Travers, Rhiannon Townsend, Sharon Labudda and Captain Jan Dobrogowski

Host and executive producer: Lori Uden
Co-producers: Cinnamon Nippard and Lori Uden
Interviews & sound recordings: Shaun and Lori Uden

The kids!  10-year old Matilda Uden and 9-year old Saxon Uden

Editor: Cinnamon Nippard
Mixer: Hamish Robertson
Music producer: Serina Pech
Online producer: Lori uden
Graphic designer: Kelly Walsh
Photographer: Helen Orr, Adam Leatherbarrow and Shaun Uden
Mentor: Johanna Bell
Critical listeners: Johanna Bell and Jess Ong

From Afar was created on beautiful Larrakia land and was produced with funding support from the Northern Territory Government through Arts NT

Thanks also goes to the Australian Antarctic Division and Maritime Construction Services for their support.

'Making room for you again' is the last episode of From Afar, a 5-part podcast exploring long distance love, from tropical Darwin to icy Antarctica.