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Time to throw the ropes...

Against a backdrop of cicadas, tropical bird song and monsoon downpours, the Uden family navigate the uncertainty and excitement of Shaun’s impending departure, and Lori asks the hard questions about long-distance love. Read more...

It's a thirst for ... what exactly?

In Darwin, it’s day one and the shit hits the fan... literally! From blocked toilets and monsoonal mould, to gigantic sparkling icebergs and elephant seal wallows, this episode explores why people choose to live and work in remote places, facing danger and hardship. Read more...

Intimacy. From a million miles away?

Shaun’s due home in a few weeks, but each time Lori hears from him, it seems like there’s another hold up…Together, from a million miles away, Lori and Shaun navigate feelings of longing and loneliness as they ask the people around them how they manage intimacy from afar.  Read more...

When things go wrong...

Things are looking up, it’s not long until the family will be reunited … and then the muster alarm sounds…

Shaun and his mates on the ship take comfort in each other’s company as they share their recollections and fears.

Back home, Lori’s mind whirls with fear. She’s not sure what to do or who to talk to. Read more...

Making room for you...

In the final episode, we follow Shaun’s last week at sea. Before long he meets Lori and the kids at the airport, with  “Welcome Home” signs held high...

But it’s not all smooth sailing, and as the Uden family make room for each other once again, Lori reflects on their journey - did they find a remedy to living and loving long-distance?  Read more...


wherever you get your podcasts...

Host and creator: Lori Uden
Co-producers: Cinnamon Nippard & Lori Uden
Interviews & sound recordings: Shaun Uden & Lori Uden

The kids! 10-year old Matilda Uden & 9-year old Saxon Uden

Editor: Cinnamon Nippard
Mixer: Hamish Robertson
Music producer: Serina Pech
Online producer: Lori Uden
Graphic designer: Kelly Walsh
Photographers: Helen Orr, Adam Leatherbarrow, Shaun Uden & Lori Uden
Mentor: Johanna Bell
Critical listeners: Johanna Bell & Jess Ong

From Afar was created on beautiful Larrakia land and was produced with funding support from the Northern Territory Government through Arts NT

Thanks also goes to the Australian Antarctic Division and Maritime Construction Services for their support.

The team

Over the course of making From Afar, we recorded many people from the Northern Territory and whilst onboard the MVP Everest, in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica.  They all have fascinating stories, jobs and experiences, but sadly we couldn't include everyone!

We chose interviews from the below 16 people to represent everyone out there who lives and loves long distance.

Episode 1: Tamara Travers, Rhiannon Townsend, Miriam Charlie, Nadia Bush and Jono Tobey

Episode 2: Tamara Travers, Rhiannon Townsend and Dr John Cherry

Episode 3: Nitesh Raj Pant, Silpi Dhungana Pant, Geo Hulme, Tamara Travers, Rhiannon Townsend, Jaimie Cleeland and Peter Boyle

Episode 4: Jaimie Cleeland, Adam Leatherbarrow, Nitesh Raj Pant, Silpi Dhungana Pant, Vicki Allen and Rhonda Jones

Episode 5: Vicki Allen, Tamara Travers, Rhiannon Townsend, Sharon Labudda and Captain Jan Dobrogowski