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I love the From Afar podcast. It touches a special place in my heart.

My partner seems to have become a regular to the icy continent. We completed a year apart from Oct 2019 right through the covid pandemic. We weren’t sure if it was the right thing to do, staying together whilst being apart for so long. But my partner went to tremendous efforts to make it bearable for me.

Before the mail closed for the season he wrote me a letter for every month of the year. He mailed some of them to friend and gave instructions when the time came for it to be delivered to me. One particular letter found its way to Maatsuyker Island, through a helicopter pilot who’d been down south for the summer.

I was on Maatsuyker volunteering at the time and my partner had managed to arrange it all with the pilot and caretakers of the island. The letters not only bought us closer together but they also bought me closer to friends and family as we bonded over special activities they’d arranged in order to deliver the letters to me.

I am forever grateful.

Bree's story...

Around Australia and the world, many of us are separated from the people and places we love due to work, illness, travel, conflict, natural disasters, adventure and sometimes unforeseen circumstances (like pandemics!) beyond our control.