A 5-part podcast exploring long distance love, 

from tropical Australia to icy Antarctica

Around Australia and the world, many of us are separated from the people and places we love due to work, illness, travel, conflict, prison, adventure, natural disasters and other circumstances (like pandemics!) beyond our control.  

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“How do we tackle the challenges that creep into our lives when we're away from the person or people we love the most?

How do other people do it?"

These are the questions host, Lori Uden, asks when her husband Shaun gets a job in Antarctica, leaving her and their two kids Matilda 10 and Saxon 9, at home in Darwin.

Told through a mix of memoir, audio diaries, interviews and soundscapes, you will be submerged in real stories and extraordinary sounds from Australia’s tropical north to the icy, dangerous waters of Antarctica.



With a refreshing mix of vulnerability, laughter and reflection, From Afar shares the experience of one family on a quest to find an elixir to the challenges of long-distance love.

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“As we prepare for Shaun to depart for Antarctica, we decide to go on a quest, to ask the ‘experts’ around us - our friends, neighbours and shipmates - how they deal with being away and being left behind.

So, I buy an extra set of recording gear, stow it away amongst the beanies and thermals in Shaun’s bags, and order a fancy new mic for myself, and … press record.” 


Why do people live or work away from loved ones? How do they deal with isolation, loneliness, anxiety, unexpected danger and longing?  And what happens when things go wrong?

Find out with Lori and her family as they tackle these questions and more.  

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